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USU Physics Faculty Research Interests

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Physics GPC Karalee Ransom

Karalee Ransom

Phone: (435) 797 4021


Office: SER 250D

Degrees and Programs

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Dr. Robert Davies

Robert Davies

Research Interests

Science Communication, Anthropocene, Sustainable Systems, Climate Change

Dr. JR Dennison

JR Dennison

Research Interests

Materials, Disordered Materials, Dielectrics, Electron Emission, Charge Transport, Spacecraft

Dr. Boyd Edwards

Boyd Edwards

Research Interests

Theoretical Nonlinear Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Magnet Sphere Interactions, Microfluidics

Dr. Bela Fejer

Bela Fejer

Research Interests

Space and Ionospheric Physics

Dr. Maura Hagan

Maura Hagan

Research Interests

Physics of the Upper Atmosphere; Coupling between the lower, middle, and upper atmosphere; Atmospheric Tides and Waves

Dr. Eric Held

Eric Held

Research Interests

Plasma Kinetic Theory and Computation Magnetic Fusion Energy ITER Tokamak

Dr. David Peak

David Peak

Research Interests

Computation in Nature, Nonlinear Dynamics, Complex Collective Behavior in Plants

Dr. Mark Riffe

Mark Riffe

Research Interests

Vibrational Dynamics of Solids, EAM Modeling, Laser Spectroscopy

Dr. Maria Rodriguez

Maria Rodriguez

Research Interests

Black Holes, String Theory

Dr. Ludger Scherliess

Ludger Scherliess

Research Interests

Space Weather, Ionosphere, Thermosphere, Data Assimilation, Modeling, Data Analysis

Dr. Robert Schunk

Robert Schunk

Research Interests

Space Weather, Storms, Ionosphere, Thermosphere, Plasmasphere, Data Assimilation, Waves, Modeling

Dr. T.C. Shen

T.C. Shen

Research Interests

Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, Electronics,Photonics, Microdevices, Nanodevices

Dr. Jan Sojka

Jan Sojka

Research Interests

Space Weather, Ionosphere and Aurora, Exoplanets, Modeling and Data Analysis

Dr. Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor

Research Interests

Gravity Waves, Mesosphere, Temperature, Airglow, IR Imaging, Camera, Polar Mesospheric Clouds

Dr. Charles Torre

Charles Torre

Research Interests

General Relativity, Gravitation, Field Theory, Mathematical Physics, Computer Algebra

Dr. Oscar Varela

Oscar Varela

Research Interests

String theory, Supergravity, AdS/CFT correspondence, High Energy Theory

Dr. Jim Wheeler

Jim Wheeler

Research Interests

Gravitational and Unified Gauge Theories of the Conformal Group

Dr. Vince Wickwar

Vince Wickwar

Research Interests

Lidar Techniques

Dr. Titus Yuan

Titus Yuan

Research Interests

LIDAR, Mesosphere Lower Thermosphere Temperature, Winds, Laser, Optics