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Quantum Devices

The rapid advance of technology has made quantum physics an indispensable foundation of the nanoscale devices. The Physics Department is positioned to explore this new field with two complementary research themes.

The first theme is to study the growth of novel electronic/photonic materials involving group III-V elements using a commercial, state-of-the-art molecular beam epitaxy machine. Novel semiconductor quantum nanostructures can be studied using an in-situ scanning tunneling microscope.

The second theme is to use the most advanced surface science techniques to fabricate nanoscale silicon-based electronic devices.  Patterning is conducted through electron-beam lithography and photolithography. Quantum effects in such devices can be revealed in cryogenic transport studies. 

The interdisciplinary nature of this field provides a stimulating research environment for faculty and students with backgrounds in physics, electrical engineering, material sciences, and chemistry.

Faculty: Shen