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At USU Physics we believe that research is an integral part of the student experience and growth as young scientists.  Undergraduates, graduate students, and students from a variety of majors participate every year with our research groups and our outreach activities to local schools, the Cache Valley community, and people throughout the state of Utah.  If you are interested in participating with us in any of our activities, please contact us.

Physics is the most basic of all the sciences. It strives to describe the most fundamental processes, in the simplest terms, making the fewest assumptions. Despite its pursuit of the fundamental, physics is also extraordinarily useful. The ideas of physics underlie all of the other sciences and engineering, and they form the foundation upon which a large portion of the world’s economy is built.

Our Physics Research program at USU can be broadly broken down into 7 major sub-fields with active research efforts.  These include:

Atmospheric & Space Sciences

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Plasma Physics

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Quantum Devices


Mathematical Physics

Field Theory:  Website  | Brochure
Mathematical Physics: Website

Surface Physics

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Our research groups have both theoretical and experimental activities, with the majority of our laboratories being housed in the SER Building on the USU-Logan campus. If you'd like to visit the facilities, please contact us.