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Mathematical Physics

USU has an ongoing mathematical physics collaboration with emphasis on geometrical and computer algebra methods.  Additional information can be found at the DGCAMP website.

The collaboration includes:

Ian M. Anderson

Ian Anderson: Differential geometry, Exterior Differential Systems, Computer algebra


Mark Fels

Mark Fels: Differential geometry, Differential equations


Nathan Geer

 Nathan Geer: Low dimensional topology, Lie theory


Andreas Malmendier

Andreas Malmendier: Algebraic Geometry, String Theory, Gauge Theory


Zhaohu Nie

Zhaohu Nie: Invariant Functions, Characteristic Classes, Algebraic Geometry and Algebraic


Maria Rodriguez

Maria Rodriguez: Black holes, Relativistic Astrophysics, Mathematical Physics


Charles Torre: Gravitation, Field Theory, Mathematical Physics, Computer algebra


Oscar Varela

Oscar Varela: String theory, Supergravity, AdS/CFT, Mathematical Physics

Check out :

Special function identities from superelliptic Kummer varieties

Geometrization Conditions for Perfect Fluids, Scalar Fields, and Electromagnetic Fields

Non-Rigid Parabolic Geometries of Monge Type

Exterior Differential Systems with Symmetry

Relations between Witten-reshetikhin-turaev and non semi-simple sl(2) 3-manifold invariants

Solving Toda field theories and related algebraic and differential properties

New symbolic tools for differential geometry, gravitation, and field theory

The spacetime geometry of a null electromagnetic field

The DGCAMP website

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