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11th Annual November Demo Show


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11th Demo Show Flyer

It's that time of year again when James Coburn, the USU Physics Department's Demonstration Specialist hosts the Annual Physics Department November Demo Show. This year's theme is "A Night with Newton". Sir Isacc Newton is recognized as one of the most influential scientists of all time. Newton helped us understand gravity, optics, mathematics, and the laws of motion, so we can look forward to some interesting and exciting demonstrations. 

James presents an hour long show guaranteed to delight and amaze science enthusiasts of all ages. Everyone is invited and admission is free!! 

Join us this Friday, November 16th at 7 pm in the Emert Auditorium (ESLC 130)

Parking for this event is available south of Old Main, in Aggie Terrace at 700 East 600 North, and in Big Blue Terrace at 850 East 700 North in Logan. 

See the Eccles Science Learning Center location on this interactive map

For more information contact the Utah State University Physics Department at (435) 797-2857