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The Department of Physics has a wide variety of research laboratories actively involved in day to day science activities.  A more detailed accounting of our many facilities can be found in our research links to the left.  Some of the highlights of our shared use facilities are:

(1) Center for Surface Analysis and Applications: Four research laboratories and a Nanoscale Device Lab with a scanning electron microscope.

(2) LIDAR Observatory: The roof of the SER building houses the Atmospheric LIDAR Observatory.  Outfitted with a high energy green laser, the observatory consists of four 1.5m mirrors, steerable to 45 degrees from zenith, for monitoring.

(3) Bear Lake Observatory: Located about 1 hour northeast of Logan, the Bear Lake Observatory measures the effects of lower atmospheric energy and momentum inputs (i.e. tides, gravity, planetary waves) into the upper atmosphere and investigates subauroral phenomena during enhanced magnetic activity.

(4) USU Observatory: The Utah State University Observatory (USUO) was constructed on top of the SER building in 2009, during the International Year of Astronomy.  Outfitted with a 20" Corrected Dall-Kirkham telescope from Planewave, the observatory is a multi-purpose facility designed for use by students enrolled in USU courses, the general public, and students and amateurs involved in scientific research projects.