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Robert Davies

Robert  Davies


Associate Professor of Professional Practice

Contact Information

Office Location: SER 218D
Phone: 435-753-5707

Educational Background:

PhD | Utah State University, 1999
MS | Physics | Utah State University, 1996
*BS | Meteorology | Texas A&M University, 1987 (*Modulo Texas History 101)
BS | Physics | South Dakota State University, 1986  (Go Jackrabbits!)



Climate Change | Sustainable Systems | Communicating the Anthropocene | Introductory Physics | Quantum Mechanics


climate change | sustainable systems | complex systems | planetary boundaries | public interest & critical science communication


Trained in surface physics and quantum optics, it came to my attention about a decade ago that the world is on fire.  And so I have traded one laboratory for another. 
There are clear messages coming from science: humans are radically transforming our planet; human civilization, as it is currently realized, is wholly unsustainable; and there exist pathways to change this trajectory.  The lines of evidence leading to these conclusions are robust, emerging from a broad spectrum of physical and social science.  From the perspective of those who do this work, these conclusions are considered scientific knowledge.  As a consequence, my work today centers on (i) synthesizing, and (ii) communicating a broad spectrum of science regarding humanity’s impact on the natural world, the underlying pathologies from which this impact has emerged, and pathways to building a sustainable, just, and vibrant human presence on this planet.